Skinny Pig Breed Standard of Perfection

The Skinny Breed Standard (courtesy of The UK Skinny & Baldwin Cavy Club)


100 points broken down as follows:
Show Presentation and Body – 20%
Conformation: Head, Eyes, Ears, Body – 20%
Colour – 10%
Coat – 20%
Degree of Hairlessness – 30%

The Skinny Cavy should look fit and healthy. Adult weight ideally between 800-1200g, without being fat or overweight. 

The Skinny Cavy should demonstrate firm, clean skin. The head should show even width across the front view (more rectangular than triangular). Eyes are to be bold and bright. Ears rise slightly from their base and then droop as in other breeds. The belly will appear prominent but animals should demonstrate strong shoulders and should be compact in type. Skinny Cavies may be slightly more sensitive to touch than other breeds. Skin should be firm, clean and warm to the touch.

Colour of the animal is to be determined from the hair on the face and feet of the animal. Skin colour on body should correspond to the hair colour.
Self Coloured:  Should show even colouration of skin over entire body, althoug shading of colour may differ.
Agouti Coloured: Should show ticking on face and feet hairs, skin should show a distinctive bellyband.
Solid Ticked: Should show ticking on face and feet but no observable bellyband.
Roans and Brindles: Should show mottled effect of colours on the skin.
Marked: Distinctive pattern of the variety should be recognizable: Patches in Tortoiseshell, Tortoiseshell and White
Well defined markings in Dutch and  Dalmatian
Pink skin with dark ears and coloured hair on nose and feet in Himalayan

The coat is kinky and wiry in texture. It should be confined to the face – paticularly on the nose, across to the ears and on their feet.

Breed Faults:
–  scars, scratches or wounds.
–  hair extending onto body (many Skinny Cavies have some hair in small amount especially around shoulder area – the animal with the least body hair to be given preference).

Breed Disqualification:
– skin colour not corresponding to the variety.
– excessive Hair on Body to spoil hairless effect.
– any visible skin problems ie. ringworm etc.


Information provided by Ray’s Skinny Guinea